ProtonMail : Send Encrypted Emails at for Free

ProtonMail is an easy secure email service which has a build-in end-to-end encryption and provides lots of security features. There are lots of features which will make ProtonMail better than most Email service provides. ProtonMail has a widely distributing tools necessary to protect your data online and it comes with a nice and easy interface.

These are the features that ProtonMail has

  • End-to-End Encryption
  • Zero Access to User Data
  • Open Source Cryptography
  • Hardware Level Security
  • Anonymous
  • Self-Destruction Messages
  • Secure Commutations with other Email Providers
  • Awesome and Easy User Interface

I am going to explain all these features to you so that you can see how good this Email service compared to other services is.


End To End Encryption

If you are sending an email to a person then ProtonMail will encrypt your message with the public key of that person so that it can only be decrypted by the private key of that person. The ProtonMail stores the messages in Encrypted format which means even if anybody hacks into the sever he has to go through the decryption of message which is nearly impossible. The messages also transmitted in encrypted format between servers and user devices.

As you can see above data is encrypted in all steps. So ProtonMail is providing more security compared to the other email service providers.

Zero Access to User Data

ProtonMail divides the authentication requires two password. One is to use for the Identification of a particular user from all users around the world and Second password is decryption password which is used to decrypt the data which is stored in the Server. ProtonMail assures that this password is not stored in the server. So even ProtonMail can’t access to your data which is awesome right no email service gives this kind of Protection to your data. But you should remember your decryption password .

Open Source Cryptography

ProtonMail only uses secure implementation of AES, RSA along with OpenPGP and all the cryptographic libraries they use are open source. They use open source libraries so that you can see they don’t use any kind of clandestinely built in back doors. These open sources are thoroughly vetted by security experts from all around the world. So by this you can tell that ProtonMail is providing top level Protection.

Hardware Level Security

ProtonMail is owning and controlling their own server hardware at different locations in Switzerland so your data never goes to the cloud. Their primary datacenter is located under 1000 meters of granite rock in a heavily guarded bunker which can even survive a nuclear attack. Which means your data is safe after an Apocalypse lol. This kind of protection ensures that your data can’t fall into the wrong hands of third parties.


Unlike other Email Providers ProtonMail protects user privacy, so you don’t need to give your personal details to the ProtonMail Server to registration purpose. ProtonMail don’t save any tracking data of an user. And only user knows the decryption key to all his data so all his data can’t be read by any of the ProtonMail server so they will never know your existence.

Self-Destructing Messages

Sometimes you don’t need some messages after a sometimes. So this is the cool feature provided by the ProtonMail where you can set time so they will automatically deleted from your inbox. This technology works for both emails sent to other ProtonMail users and also encrypted mails send to other non-ProtonMail users.

Secured Communication with other Email Providers

Proton Mail support sending both encrypt and non-encrypted messages to non-ProtonMail users. When you send an encrypted message to that user they will receive a link which loads the encrypted message onto their browser, they can be decrypted by the passphrase which you have shared. You also can send non-encrypted messages to them.